Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday or Hope Friday?

After writing my blog this morning I turned on the TV. It is cleaning day and I wanted to watch a Christmas
Special. There were a number of them on, but I got so tired of the Black Friday ads I had to turn the TV off and try the radio. No galore so now it is CD's, I know I will not get an ad there.

I started thinking about what Black Friday is all about and how many of these hours could be used to help.
I don't believe much in Black Friday as it shows the greed in many of us. What if Black Friday were a day to reach out to someone in need and give them Hope. What about Hope Friday?

Hope Friday - when everyone gets up at 3am and stands in line to give blood or waits for the doors to open at a food shelter to help serve or sleeps in front of the doors of an elderly home who has no one who cares. What if Black Friday was Hope Friday?

There are many that can't and don't have hope or even can see a spark of hope. Kids on the street or elderly in a home. Each waiting for someone to make a difference in their lives. Each hoping for a chance at happiness. For a day or a lifetime.

Hope Friday - now there is something to plan and get excited about!

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