Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What Day is it?

I think I have a complete memory block on what day it is. Seems like Mondays run into Tuesdays and then all of a sudden it is Saturday and before I know it Monday is here again.

I had the realization that my days are running together because my thoughts about the days have no seperation. No end, reflect, start again process. Only end and start.

One of the ways you can really become purposeful is through daily reflection. It clears the mind of the past and gives you a vision for the future. If, like me, your days are running together and you seem to be running the same path or it feels like you are getting no where...try to reflect.

Reflect what worked today. Write it down. What did you accomplish and why do you feel good, bad, or indifferent about the day. This reflection time will allow you to see clearly the madness you live in and yes we all live in madness.

Now, look at your reflection. Really look at it. What do you see? To high of expectations? Wanting others to do something? Unclear goals and objectives? To much time spent on one or another activity? What does your reflective writing or thoughts tell you.

Got a few answers? For me my reflection of the past week (since I haven't taken the time to daily reflect) is that I am moving to fast and trying to accomplish to much without clear and defined goals and objectives. I am playing 'cowboy' - shoot from the hip and hope you hit something before it hits you. Not a great way to purposeful living.

So, today I slowed down. I made small plans. I took time to think through objectives and goals. In return I got more people understanding my vision. More people willing to do more with less. More people to be part of the solution rather than the problem.

I think each of us wants to live with purpose and each of us has the ability to do so. Reflect on your day, what happen and why. Then plan a purposeful tomorrow. It will surprise you how much you can actually achieve by simply stopping and be in a moment of reflection.

So, 10 minutes tonight...reflect...write down three things you did today and why they worked or not. Kids, work, commute, activities..whatever they are - reflect and see your purpose for tomorrow.

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