Monday, August 16, 2010

I think I can, I think I can, I knew I could

Every days seems to bring new meaning to the idea that I still have so much to learn.
It doesn't matter how much I think I can, I need to move towards I knew I could. Thinking and knowing are two totally different attitudes.

Today I thought I could create a presentation that would get people on board and excited about the future. I knew there would be challenges as change is always a challenge for some. I thought that if I shared my ideas and thoughts to peers and leaders that they would be completely supportive and willing to try. Well, maybe not.

What I thought I could do was something I knew would not work right now - today without a plan.

It will eventually work, but I need to move from thinking about it and moving it into the knowing area and that means planning.

The statement around "needing more actions then words" is the first step to moving from thinking to knowing. To know something is to have a plan that takes a number of ideas and thoughts and putting them into action. It is not personal nor is it a one person show.

Move to knowing..create a plan, get others support and move your personal train to I think I can to I knew I could!

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