Sunday, August 29, 2010

I am not a Backrest!

This is the saying behind Harley-Davidson's "Rider's Edge" Program.

I am not a Backrest.
I was not born to be an observer, a cheerleader, or a follower.
I have a passion to ride and I will choose my own journey.

I have a T-Shirt with this on and it has not only become my favorite shirt, but my favorite saying. Yes, I ride. Not a Harley yet, but I have been heading out on my little 250 touring around and there is something about it that really makes you want more. Maybe that is why I like the saying as well.

I was not born to be an observer: Indeed I have a hard time sitting back and just watching. I like to be in the action, part of the team, in the lead, talking the issue, and caring through action. I am not an observer. Never have been and never will be!

I was not born to be a cheerleader: Again, just not me. I was a cheerleader for about 3 months during 5th grade for boys basketball. Even though I was able to beat any of the boys in HORSE or 1:1, they didn't have girls basketball teams back then, so if I wanted to participated I had to be a cheerleader.

Thank goodness by the time I got to 6th grade, girls basketball became a sports (thanks to Title 9), and I threw the cheerleader outfit away and never looked back. I am a participant. I am a leader. I was good and I knew it. I still have guys from my high school class that won't talk to me because I beat them at some high school HORSE tournament. No, not a cheerleader.

I was not born to be a follower: For those that know me this is probably the most true statement. I like to be in the lead. I am a perfectionist, a dreamer, a solver, a thinker, an innovator, and a leader. I look for the best way, the best route, the most daring solution, and the most creative idea. I am not a follower.

I have a passion to ride and I will choose my own journey: Every day I take the time to create my own journey. No one else is in charge of where I go or what I do. I am my own director, my own planner, and my journey maker. I choose how I think, act, behave, talk, love, listen, and care. It is my life and my journey.

So now you know why I love this shirt. It is me and every time I wear it I am reminded that my life is my journey and I have complete control over what and where I go.

Life's a Journey, enjoy the ride!

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