Sunday, August 8, 2010

Be full of Overcoming!

Helen Keller once said "All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming." Now she is a model of overcoming! What she isn't a model for is suffering!

Do you ever wonder how some people you know or have heard about can overcome unbelievable circumstances? The news last night was filled with unbelievable circumstances. Flooding, earthquakes, oil spills, car crashes, and grass fires were all highlighted. Any one of these would be full of suffering, but what I heard through the news reporting the suffering were comments full of overcoming. People coming together to move the suffering to overcoming.

Now we don't all have the Red Cross or other Organizations at our fingertips when our personal sufferings need to be overcome, but we do have family and friends who are there at a moments notice to help.

I have been lucky in life to never have been faced with such a suffering event, but I have had my share of personal disappointments and pain. How you move from suffering to overcoming is part of life. You have a choice on actually moving to overcoming or dwelling in suffering.

Be full of overcoming is about understanding that things don't happen to you but rather happen for you. Even in the worse events you have control. You control how quickly you overcome.

It's Sunday and I hope that none of you are having to overcome great suffering today. If you do have to overcome suffering I have a few thoughts.

First, grieve and morn - it is part of the process of leaving something behind so you can move forward.

Second, use your personal Red Cross. Reach out to others for support and comfort. It may be hard, but in your time to overcome you will need others, so let your personal RC be part of your Overcoming moment.

Finally, learn from your suffering. Own your feelings and your behaviors. Own your overcoming. Big or small- own your overcoming.

Not everything in life is fun or wonderful, so planning now for the sufferings we all face will allow you to be filled with overcoming!

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