Monday, August 23, 2010

God save the Turtle!

The excitement; the excitement!
As I watched my dog "do" her business last night I noticed she went over to the fence and was sniffing around. Now this isn't anything new as she sniffs everything - posts, grass, people, fences, mailboxes, gardens, weeds, mushrooms, her name it Brandy has to sniff it. But last night was different.

She usually sniffs and goes on to her next spot and sniffs some more. Around the yard and back. This time she got to a point in the fence and then jumped about 3 feet back! She slowly approached the area again and jumped back again.

I looked over there and thought I saw what seemed to be a turtle, but we do not live near water (blocks away) and there is no real reason a turtle would be in the yard! Seriously, deer, rabbits, mice and birds--but a turtle?

Well I went to investigate and sure enough there it was. A 5-6 inch turtle hanging out in the grass. How it got there I have no idea, but it was snipping at Brandy. A small snapper right here in the middle of a neighborhood at least a block away from any water.

Of course I had never rescued a turtle before so I wasn't sure what to do, so off I go to get the animal lover Suzan to save the day. She got a box and a pair of gloves, picked it up and said "come on let's get it to water"! Off we went, box in hand to the local pond and as Suzan placed it next to the water off it swam! God Saved the Turtle!

I still question how in the world it got over here. Suzan said it walked, but through a ball field, across a bike path, across a busy street and into a yard? I guess crazier things have happened.

Lesson learned? I learned how to handle a turtle and put it back in the water! What's next? Maybe a Kangeroo!

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