Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Statements to Ponder

I am not sure where the time goes, but all of a sudden it is Thursday and I have missed out on 3 days of posts.

Well, honestly I was going to skip it again but thought I needed a personal pick me up. On my way home I was doing "Dr Suess" statements in my head. No, not red one green one blue one true one...but random statements to ponder.

Just as a background, I like to write poetry. Thoughts with sequence. It calms me. On rides home like today I had poems running through my head. The problem with my poems--okay maybe not problems with them, but certainly the feeling is "Dr. Seussish" so when I write them down I see strange creatures with colorful hair speaking the words and it makes me giggle.

I always said that if I could be someone it would either be Julia Childs or Dr. Seuss. Maybe more of a combination of both. Can you imagine what fun it would be to read a french cooking book written by Dr. see this is how my mind works.

Okay, so back to the random thoughts, maybe someday there will be a book of them.

If you love to see rainbows you must weather the storm.
If you hold on to a beautiful rose you must watch for the thorns.
If you care so much for others you must be willing to let yourself die.
If you only see through your eyes, you truly are blind.
If you live to grow and grow to live you surly will be remembered.
If you take one step forward you have moved your view of the world.
If you can touch a heart today you have looked into your soul.
If you are always so deep in views others may never see you.

Those are my random statements from the ride home. Pretty deep, thus the Dr. Seuss view as. When you read the above statements you probably went 'whoa, deep' challenge yourself to think of the oddest Dr. Seuss character possible saying these statements. See the light - be the light.

May Friday be a thoughtful yet Dr. Seussish day for us all.

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