Thursday, August 12, 2010

Little Prizes of Joy

One thing I love to do is give little prizes and gifts for absolutely no reason. I also like getting them.

For some reason getting some little card or item says so much. I care, I got your back, I like you, I love you, or you looked like you needed a pick up. Whatever the reason it really brings about a good and positive feeling.

Today I was blessed enough to get two little things. The first was a card from a friend at work. She has had a heck of a week and has taken all the work and hours in stride and with an never ending smile. I went to grab a quick salad and got two - giving her one to say 'thanks' and 'I care'.

I didn't do this to get something in return, rather because it felt good to help someone out. This morning she brought me a card with a little face with a big grin on it. I didn't expect anything in return, but it was nice to see a thank you for caring--it made me feel good.

When I got home there was a little package from my brother. Now this can be dangerous as we have an ongoing joke of giving each other odds and ends. When I go on a trip he is blessed to get all the receipts, flyer's, rocks or whatever else I find along the way. He does the same.

The fear this time was that he just had a nose surgery to open up his nose cavity (not sure what else to call it) and I got a wonderful picture on Tuesday of the little plastic splints that where placed up there to help the nose heal. Three days later I get a package...oh dear.

Not I have to say I was very relieved when the nose splints were NOT included in the package and a little ice cream cone fan was accompanied by only a few hospital wrist bands and such.

Neither of these folks needed to think of me or care about me, but they did. It wasn't a million dollars or a large prize, but it was from their heart and soul to just say "I am thinking of you and I care".

Little Prizes of Joy. They are part of positive living. Give them and be joyful at receiving. I know I am.

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