Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some days Motivation is over rated!

How do you motivate yourself? Really, think about it. Not what motivates you, but how do you motivate yourself?

Today I have completely gone to the depths of lack of motivation. I feel like doing nothing. Seriously nothing. I have been sitting on the couch doing a little work and watching my favorite survival show and being completely unmotivated.

Not right or wrong...just a fact. I did make it to the store to get a few things like eggs and fruit, but otherwise there is nothing that is motivating me to do anything other than this...nothing at all but rest and relax.

It got me thinking about hot what motivates me (there is a lot that motivates me) but how do I motivate myself to do anything? What intrinsic motivation can I find to do something today?

Wait! Why do I have to do anything? Why is it that I feel bad about taking a day off to recharge, to take naps, to relax, to just be? What is it about me that makes me feel guilty for relaxing? I don't need to be motivated to do anything today. I need a day of rest. A day of down time. A day of doing nothing. A day to recharge.

Yes some days motivation to do anything is truly overrated.

Enjoy your day no matter if you motivate yourself or give yourself a break.

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  1. For some reason when I read this yesterday, it actually gave me motivation! I researched and went to a small neighborhood hardward store and found all sorts of cool things; repaired three window screens that I have been meaning to repair for the last 5 years and then repaired 12 I have had on my to do list for the last 2 years. AND I watched Julie & Julia, so then I was motivated to cook!