Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The "Yaw" Factor

Today I would like to talk about the YAW factor. Yes, Yaw! No this isn't the Norwegian way of saying yes as is ya sure ya betcha. Pronounced the same way, but completely different meaning.

Yaw is a noun and verb that means to deviate from an intended course. Many times you will hear this term for mariners at sea if they are hit by big waves and cannot get back on the scheduled sailing course. The events around them make them yaw from course.

The yaw factor can be seen in many of our daily lives as well. We have a plan, we have cleaned for spring, we have our course set and 'bang' the yaw factor enters. It happens all the time. A parent gets ill and you are faced with a yaw factor of going and taking care of them. You get into a car accident, your furnace quits in the middle of winter, your marriage ends, you get sick, or you lose your job. All yaw factors.

Every day we are faced with the possibility that a yaw factor will occur. Few of us plan for such events, how can we? Or can we?

Life balance is about growing and learning to be satisfied in your life with or without yaw moments. If you are faced with a yaw moment how do you handle it? Does it make you deviate from every course or just for a little while? Does it make you sail into uncharted areas that are uncomfortable for you? What happens to you when you have the yaw factor occur?

Life is not predictable nor is it easy. Yaw's happen all the time to each of us. The difference is how we handle these moments. Do you get frustrated and give up? Do you set a new course from the yaw moment? Or do you fight to get yourself back on your previous course? All are fine and there is no right or wrong here. As long as you are aware of your course and the impact yaw factors have.

It is okay to steer in a different direction as you may grow and learn more by being there rather then staying where you are now. Maybe the new course will bring in new meaning and purpose to your life. Maybe the new course will convince you that your truth lies in what you plan.

Your convictions to yourself and to your course are the key. Yaw's happen and happen a lot. We can't plan for them, but we can plan our reactions to them.

Just a friendly reminder today to take stock of the potential yaw factors around you. How will you react, learn, grow, change and be?

Ya sure ya betcha!

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