Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gone Fishing!

It has been over 6 weeks since I was last fishing and I am getting antsy. I hear how the lakes have reached "ice out" phase, I have been getting all sorts of information in the mail about resorts wanting to take my money so they can take me fishing, and I just cleaned out my wallet and pulled out my 2009 fishing license. Can you feel the excitement!

The best part of the fishing opener this year is that it falls on the day before my birthday; May 8th so I will get to fish on my birthday and mothers day (same day this year) and the full week after. This still doesn't do it for me know though. I know I can't wait another 4 weeks, I just can't.

I have a wall hanging in the basement that is over my canoe bookcase that says "Gone Fishing". Weird place for it I know, but it reminds me that every day I have something to look forward to that I absolutely LOVE. I do.

So this weekend, I will 'pre-fish' a bit. Go for some Crappies or other pan fish to get the lines wet. I can't wait. The sign on the door this weekend will be "Gone Fishing"!

Now the only part to figure out is where should I go to get my license?

Go Fish folks! Whatever your 'fish' is, put out the Gone Fishing sign!

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