Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wanted - A Better Janice

I had a hard time sleeping last night, mainly because I have a hard time slowing my head down, but also because I found that I was not satisfied with who I was this week.

I was cranky, demanding, critical and I swore more this week then I have for years. I know part of my crankiness is from the ears/head issue, but I decided that I wanted a better Janice, so here is my personal ad for myself.

Wanted - A Better Janice

Someone who cares about herself while caring for others.
Someone who is cared for but not demanded of.
Someone who knows that words tells a lot about a person and that doesn't want to be the type of person who swears.
Someone who can be calm and relaxed in the face of disappointment and hurt.
Someone who knows others are trying to help, even when it feels like being demanding.
Someone who takes the time to enjoy the small things in life, while planning for the big things in life.
Someone who will take care of her health and go and see a doctor.

I hope this better Janice comes soon, so I will look for her this weekend and remember much of what I have listed as "wanted" is inside.

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