Saturday, April 10, 2010

When life throws you lemons...go fishing!

You have all heard the get lemons make lemonade, but I am not much of a lemonade gal, so I go fishing.
It was a tough life day. A friends Dad passed away suddenly while mowing the lawn, another friend went through a tough learning situation with work, my head and ears are still causing me a lot of many things happen around us that really are lemons.

I have learned it is what you do with these lemons that really do make a difference. I go fishing. It takes all the thoughts away as I watch the bobber go up and down and pull in a few crappies. Life becomes still and for a few hours you forget what is paining you and just be.

I actually like lemons. They should remind us that life sometimes doesn't have to be perfect to lead to a perfect outcome. I was ready to cancel my fishing trip this morning as I was tired and again head was ringing, but I didn't. I went and met to nice guys who were getting away from life for a while as well. I went with a good friend and she was able to forget about life as well.

The birds were flying over, fish were biting and for a few breif hours, I got a break from lemons.

Each of us has a lemonade, just keep reminding yourself what that is and the feeling you get when you are making your personal lemonade. I know it will make things better, healthier and be okay.

Here's to the lemons of the world. I am ready to fish!

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