Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrate Earth Day by...

So many ways to celebrate the day! As good citizens of the world we are coming up with all sorts of ways to help save the planet. When it comes to helping, most of what you hear is about the big companies that are "Earth Day Challenged". Companies that make plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic anything or companies that build bigger and faster machines with a 5-10 MPG engine, or logging companies that have clear cut some of the natural resource areas. They get a lot of attention,maybe rightly so, but when you put things in perspective maybe we should all be the ones getting the most attention or bad press.

How many plastic water bottles do you have in your house? How many, in the past year, have you said "the heck with it I don't see a recycling bin around so I will just throw THIS one away"?

How many times have you driven your fuel efficient car 2 or 3 blocks to pick up a movie?

How many newspapers and magazines are lying around your house that you have have never read or read once?

Earth Day citizenship isn't just for big businesses folks, all of us have a part in the health of the earth. Don't go blaming big business for supporting Nascar if you don't walk or bike to get that movie. Don't blame the bottled water industry if you buy items in plastic, and don't blame the loggers trying to make a living if you have cardboard and newspapers in your house.

Personal accountability and responsibility is for each of us to have. So celebrate Earth Day today by taking account of how you personally are impacting this world.

Clean up a ditch
Don't sweep your leaves into the street
Use earth friendly soaps and fertilizers
Buy a stainless steel bottle and get rid of the plastic
Support a local food grower
Plant a garden
Plant a tree or two
The list goes on!

It doesn't take a big company to STOP doing something to make a difference rather it takes each of us to START doing something---that is what will make a difference!

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