Friday, April 9, 2010

God bless the broken roads that lead me straight to you

Recognize the title? If you are a contemporary country music fan you probably do. It is the title of a Rascal Flatts song. I heard it this morning on the way in to work and it has stuck with me all day.

The song is about feeling blessed for all the broken relationships and events that have led someone to where they are today. In the songs case, all the broken relationships someone has and how if those relationships would have not broken, the one that matters for life would never have happened.

It is about seeing the blessing in the hurt and negative events because they all lead you to something better.

For me it has been jobs. NOT that all my jobs have been terrible or anything, but I have had quite a few of them in my life. Had any of them earlier been longer or better I would not be in the position I am now.

If I hadn't gotten sick while in the Border Patrol I may still be in law enforcement. Had I never left Minnesota and moved to Seattle I would have never worked at a software company and learned about customer service and technical issues. Had I not moved back and gotten "fired" from the nursing home position I would have never gone back to school. Had I not gone back to school I would have never worked in higher education. If I would have never been laid off from my past job, I would have never gotten the one I have now that I love.

It is not only true for work, but my life. I would have never known what I want or didn't want in a relationship had I not had a few that didn't work out. I could be married and living in a town of 200 people in northern Minnesota right now had it worked out, going to Taco Tuesday at the Catholic Church every week and living in a trailer house in the middle of the woods.

God bless the broken roads that lead me straight to you.

There is a reason for everything happening. I truly believe this. It may not be obvious while you are going through it, but in time it will make sense. Personal road maps of things that happen are so interesting to look at.

Can you think of events in your life that have led you to where you are today? I bet you can. The next time something happens think of where it will lead you. Don't feel sorry for yourself or say 'why me', rather remember it is leading you somewhere.

God bless the broken roads!

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  1. What a great post and so true as I think back to all of the roads, some paved, some mudslicked and some paths I thought there was no way back and no way out - but they all lead somewhere to bigger and better things when you let faith guide you. I had never heard this song before!