Friday, April 16, 2010

Think BIG!

I was reminded yesterday to think BIG when it comes to the vision of my future. For many of you that know me I thought I was actually thinking BIG with the house by the lake, traveling around, in shape and healthy; sounds BIG to me.

I was walking the halls yesterday and a colleque of mine was standing waiting for a meeting and I congratulated her on her new promotion. She was wildly excited and asked if I had ever thought about making a video. Of course being the 'ham' I am I would LOVE to make video's, movies, on stage (a deep passion I have that rarely comes out). She said "I would love to have you in a video, what are you good at?" Of course my smart-A comment was "fishing". She looked at me funny and said "well I meant at work".

We laughed a bit and talked about how she never knew I loved to fish as much as I do. She said "why not make a video on fishing"?

I of course have thought about this all my life and after 30 years of watching Babe Winkleman, Bill Dance, and a host of other male fishing TV personalities I always wanted to be the first woman fishing show host!

She asked if I owned a video recorder - I said no, she asked if I actually caught fish - I said yes, she asked if I had a special message to share with people - I told her about the blog, and she said YOU have a story why aren't you trying this out?

I had a rush of energy from this, truly a rush. A dream that I had totally given up on had new life! Now of course I am not going to quit my job and go find a TV station that will hire me on the spot because of my good looks and ability to fish, but it reminded me to think BIG!

Don't let those dreams die! Start small, maybe a short video on YouTube about fishing and living...and see what happens!

A lady from the hills of England has become a singing sensation, a boy from California is now the hearttrob of 13 year old girls everywhere, a wedding procession has warmed the hearts of millions, if you don't think big and start small it will never happen!

Think BIG folks. What is that hidden dream?

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