Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Four Seasons Coaching

Many of you may not know that I am trying to start a coaching business. It has been a three year adventure so far with few coachees, but I am not giving up. The economy was not a friend to coaching the past two years, but I see such a value in helping others lead their lives that I will continue to work towards a successful coaching business.

I had someone ask the other day why I named it "four seasons" so I thought I would share with you the reason as well as give you insight into the process of coaching.

When you think of Four Seasons what comes into your mind? Most likely Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. If you take a look at each of these seasons a little closer what is it about the four seasons that makes them a season?

Winter - Everything is covered with white (in Minnesota), trees are empty, ice forms on the lakes, things go dormant as they wait for the new season.

Spring - The world comes alive again. New bunnies, new leaves, pollen counts go up, ice gets off the lakes, gardens get planted, and people start coming out of the house again.

Summer - The world is alive and growing. Gardens start producing, trees are full again, the sun is high in the sky, warm breezes, and people come out in groups to enjoy BBQ's, reunions, vacations and each other.

Fall - the world gets ready to change. The leaves change colors, the sun begins to set earlier, the animals begin to find a place to hibernate, kids go back to school, and there is a brisk feeling in the air.

These are the four seasons. Can you see the coaching mentality in them? For me coaching is coming out of the dormant stage and evaluating what life is about, learning and spreading those wings, growing into a new you, and making changes that last. Winter, spring, summer and fall.

The world has a message and a process that is written in the seasons. Coaching has the same.

It is spring time - are you learning and spreading those wings?

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