Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Every year we seem to all get excited about doing spring cleaning around the house. Old clothes go to goodwill, old files get shredded and recycled, clutter gets either put away or thrown out, and the yard and flower beds get uncovered and ready for the sun.

As part of Four Seasons Coaching, Spring means the same thing but personally.

Spring is the time to personally throw away things that don't fit anymore: attitudes, behaviors, people, activities - things that you no longer value and are no longer healthy to have around you should get rid of! Stop getting junk in your personal mailbox - you don't need it and it only serves to clutter your life.

Spring is the time to shred the old and get ready for the new: I like to think of this in a literal sense. Write down everything that is old and not worth keeping in your head, heart, mind and soul. Seriouslly!!! Write it down!!! Next go to the shredder and put the piece of paper into the shredder and be done with it! Make it a statement that you will leave the negative attitude behind, you will be kind and give yourself a break, you will not worry so much about what others think rather what you feel. Shred it and be done with it.

Spring is the time to get rid of your personal clutter: do you volunteer for everything and have no time for yourself? Have you started 10 self help projects and gotten no where with them? Get rid of the clutter folks. If it is books give them away, plans - revisit and rewrite. Whatever is your clutter, either file it or get rid of it.

Spring is the time to remove the old layer of leaves covering what you are capable of becoming! Establish your vision of who you will be this year. Uncover what is beneath the surface and look to what potential there is in you! You are the flower ready for sun and water, but you must uncover yourself first! Plan, look, be. What is it that will happen by Summer?

Spring Cleaning may be a household phrase for washing windows and changing a waredrobe out, but it is so much more. Do your personal spring cleaning now! Get ready for summer and the growth it will bring!

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