Monday, April 26, 2010

Change or Reinvent?

How many of us have changed over the years? How many of you have reinvented yourself?

When I was 17 I ruled my world. I was a senior in High School, Captain of any sports team there was, High Schoolbook editor, a member of more clubs than a kid has time for and lead trumpet player in a number of bands. My brother still comments about me at that age when he sees some basketball player make an unbelievable half court shot or someone stealing the ball and making a one handed lay up on the other end...I was a very talented 17 year old. I wanted to be the best and would fight for that award.

When I was 27 I had changed from my 17 year old attitude. I was still a good athlete and after taking a couple tennis lessons started to win tournaments and work my way up the ranks in Los Angeles. My world was amazing. I was living a few miles away from the beach, working out twice a day, hanging out with kids, a music leader for my church, and volunteering at a number of shelters. I still liked the awards, but my eyes began to open up to a different world/person I wanted to be.

When I was 37 I changed again. I moved from Seattle to Minnesota and started my Masters Degree. I was a Dean of Students, bought my first home, and started a fishing guide business. I was on top of the world again living, working and learning. I started caring less about winning and more about 'playing the game'.

I turn 47 in 2 weeks and in the past 10 years I have changed again. I now have a PHD, I own a lot of toys, I started a new coaching business, I have a new home, and have a day job that is amazing. People want me at meetings and want my insight because of what I can do. Now the game is not about winning or losing at all and more about educating, learning, growing, and caring.

I have changed. Or have I reinvented myself?

Reinventing means to start over and understand what you are good at and what you not so great at and change your behaviors, attitudes, and persona of who you are and start living your passions and your purpose.

When I see this description I think I have reinvented myself. I no longer care if I am the best athlete in the world or so competitive that you don't want to play me (Trust me you would not have wanted me on the otherside of anything 20 years ago). I do not find my strength nor my passion in the area of 'beating someone else'. I no longer look at life as good and bad. I no longer view myself as someone that has to be at the top in order to be useful. I don't like keeping score at sports I participate in, I don't enjoy the attitude of stepping on others for my advancement and I certainly am NOT the same person that I was 30, 20 or even 10 years ago. I have reinvented myself!

Yes, there have been a lot of changes that have occurred, but I live my passion to the fullest now. I live with a purpose that is higher. I care less about my future and more about how I can help others make their future. I care less about what people think of me and more about what people think!

There are some awesome books out there on reinventing yourself. To my lady readers there is a really good one that is about reinventing yourself, I will post a couple links tomorrow when I get the books I know are good reads at work.

You can change a behavior or attitude from this to that or better to best, but reinventing those behaviors is making sure your values, strengths and goals are behind those changed.

Reinvent Yourselves - You will discover your true passion!

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