Saturday, April 24, 2010

Celebrating 100 Posts!

Today I celebrate the 101 posts of this blog. When I started I wasn't sure my AADD would allow me to follow through on such an adventure, but I am almost a third way to my goal of over 300 posts this year!

What to do to celebrate? I could write more, I could go out for a big breakfast...hum..what to do?

I have it, I will go to a Women's Gun Shooting Clinic all day! I am sure you all were thinking the same thing! Doesn't everyone go and shoot black powder rifles and 357 magnums when you want to celebrate?

Okay, this was already planned. I grew up shooting and actually had a job that required me to carry and fire if needed. I do not carry now nor do I want to 'fire if needed', but today is a fun day.

Three girl friends and I are heading to a Rifle Range for their annual Women's Shot Camp. We will spend the next 8 hours learning about shooting as well as participate in around 5 hours of actual shooting practice. Sounds like a good way to get the adrenelane going!

Morale of the story...try something new, hang out with friends, do both at the same time. Life is to short not to enjoy a raining late April Saturday by doing something different!

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