Friday, January 28, 2011

Yoga for Dummies

I am sure there is a book out there for people like me, but I am learning a bit of Yoga through the Wii system and I like it.

Now don't laugh as i am sure it isn't really close to what happens in an hour class, but maybe some day I will feel comfortable enough with my balance to actually attend a real class.

I guess what I am finding is how learning how to pay attention to your balance and breathing is hard work! I never knew Yoga had that in it...well maybe I did as I know a Yoga Instructor and she keeps telling me that. Anyway, as I was trying the poses tonight I was forced to clear my mind and think only my balance and breathing. Kind of cool just clearing the mind after a long week and paying attention to something I do more than anything else....breathe.

My posture improved, my mind was calm, and my body stress was released. Maybe that is why so many people have said I should try Yoga! Wait!! That would mean they know something about me that I refuse to agree with! Okay, you got me. I can be a little stressed and a little fast moving in body and mind.

Ah Yoga---breathing and balance. Sounds a little like positive living to me!

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