Sunday, January 16, 2011

Is anyone else ready for spring?

I must be as the snow is getting old and when I see the sun I think of warmer days.

When I started my coaching business, it took a long time to figure out what to call it. The name had to fit what I wanted to relay to my clients as well as the process. I like metaphors and feel they give a real life example to personal issues. So I thought long and hard about a metaphor that would relay what I believe to be my approach to coaching and consulting. I landed on Four Seasons Coaching.

Just like there are four distinct seasons to a year (well in Minnesota there is) there are four distinct processes in purposeful living. Discovery, changing, growing and evaluating.

Winter is the discovery phase - it represents a time when you can think and process your life. We have resolutions, celebrations, and time to just be.

Spring is the changing  phase - it represents a time when you take what you have learned through discovery and make adjustments to attitudes and lifestyles. You become excited about the future. This season is the time of new beginnings.

Summer is the growing phase - it represents a time to take your adjusted life and grow into it. Learning new skills or abilities happens during this phase. It isn't hard to see how this phase goes with summer with gardens, fields and trees all growing and thriving.

Fall is the evaluation phase - it represents a time when you take stock of what you have grown into and began planning for more discovery. The leaves fall and the season begins to change and plans are made on what to do next summer.

This winter has been a season of discovery for me. I have discovered that as much as I love work, I really would love work more closely aligned with my passion of helping others live purposeful lives. Now this doesn't mean I am going off and quiting my job and hoping for the best! NO, it means that I have discovered past ambitions that I want to explore this spring and summer. A fishing show, books, talk radio, and traveling. All were discovered while shoveling snow, ice fishing, reading, working, and just having quiet time.

But now I am ready for spring! Both literally as well as figuratively. I am ready to start trying things, making videos, talking about my passion on radio, writing books and so much more. My 'to-do' list no longer speaks only to fixing this or washing that but it has "make video of set up", "send script to Jodee", and other 'to-do's that are related to my purposeful life goals!

I have 4 ice fishing tournaments that I will participate in during the next 6 weeks and each will be a video presentation on you tube. I have talk radio happening sometime in March and I am working on turning this blog and my dissertation into books. This is all because of the winter phase of discovery.

Living positive and purposeful doesn't just happen. You have to take the time to discover, change, grow and evaluate! The results are amazing when you do!

Here is to all of us looking forward to Spring!

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