Friday, January 21, 2011

Is it cold enough to go fishing?

Silly question if you live in Minnesota right now, as -30's is making some really good ice!

I am always amazed at people who think I am just crazy for going out in zero degrees to fish, but it just is my thing. It clears the mind to watch and wait for bobbers to go down and flags to go up. It isn't about the cold or catching, but the true giggly feeling I get when I get a bite!

I am excited this week as I joined "The Fishing Fanatics" here in Minneapolis. A group of 104 people who plan trips out year round just to fish. I love it! They also do a lot of education for newbies in the sport which is again, right up my alley! What a perfect group for me to join!

So, tomorrow fishing with friends, next weekend fishing tournament, weekend after that a quick trip to Fargo, and then three more weekends after that of tournament and plan old good time fishing! Ah, I love winter!

Videos are coming soon so stay tuned!

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