Sunday, January 2, 2011

It is a Crisp and Clear Morning!

I am not sure where December went but all of a sudden you can tell it is January! The temperatures have fallen and even with the morning sun the air feel crisp.

Maybe it is because we had all the snow we receive in a winter in December or maybe it is because I am excited to go ice fishing next weekend, but there is something about January I really love. It is the beginning of the year but also the middle of a long winter!

The temperatures are falling making good ice for fishing. The days are getting longer but the sun doesn't seem to warm like it does in December. You can almost count the days until the first thaw now. Everything is still. The snow crunches below you. The hustle of December is gone. Just everything about January is crisp and clear!

It is like you can take a deep breath of the cleanest air you will ever get. Crisp and clear!

I know for many this is the time of the year when you start going a little stir crazy being inside. You long for spring so you can get out and walk the dog, start planting seeds for the garden, and spring clean, but I hope today you sit back and enjoy the January day. Find some good in the day. Notice the crisp and clear morning and marvel in the world around you.

You may surprise yourself! You may actually enjoy it! You may actually find yourself watching a sunrise and saying "whoa what a wonderful day", I know I am.

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