Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Proof of Janice taking care of Janice

Part of my goal of living with purpose is to make sure that I take care of myself. I don't always remember to do this and many, if not most of, the time I am more concerned about helping others live their passion rather than dedicating time to my passion.

For me there is such a desire and passion to fish it feels less like a hobby and more like an obsession.

Suzan with the First Keeper Walleye

Janice with her first Keeper Walleye

Professional Ice Bobber Watcher

The past few months my concentration has been on my family, friends, work, and pets. It is what it is and I don't regret the concentration I have for them, but there comes a time when Janice needs to concentrate on Janice. This past weekend was all about Janice taking care of Janice. No hosting, no problems, no worrying about others feelings, no fixing anything and no spending energy on all that is around me. This weekend was about me and my passion!

As we drove north (350 miles north) I noticed my mind removing thoughts of work and general life and moving more into excitement of the catch. Excitement to see what a Walleye looked like again. Excitement of staying in a cabin where below me was 2 feet of ice and 25 feet of water. I didn't sleep in the car (normally I am napping within 20 minutes of leaving home). I was in tune with my surroundings and excited about the time I could spend taking care of me.

It was a glorious weekend. Cold with -24 temps---makes good solid ice; fish were biting a bit---even if it was a little slow; friends were giving me grief left and right---and I them; and memories were made.

Checking Rattle Reel

It was a weekend that reminded me what I need to do more of -- Janice taking care of Janice.

In the 'busyness' around us all, remember to take care of yourself. It is the key to taking care of others as we all know that when you are not healthy in body, mind and soul you are not healthy for those you love.

Here is to each of you caring enough about yourself to enjoy yourself!

When the fishing is slow you find ways to be silly!

Froze and Beautiful

I love pine trees!

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