Friday, December 17, 2010

When the lights shine bright!

It is quiet in the house tonight. Cats are all sleeping and dog is as well. As I look out the window I see the Christmas lights that line the garage and am amazed as how bright they seem tonight. Maybe it's because it is so dark out or the snow is covering any other light out there, but the red, green, blue, orange, and white lights look like they are floating in line.

I love this time of year because of all of lights. The lights shine so bright in the dark winter nights.
Driving around it seems there are fewer and fewer people putting up lights this year, but I enjoy those that have.

There is something calming about seeing lights at Christmas time. It is like it brings you back to a time when life was slower, maybe a little more innocent. I wonder if the kids this day and age stop and enjoy the lights?

I remember in college when a large group of us would go out every weekend and walk around neighborhood to look at the lights. It was a wonderful time. We would crunch through the snow and at every house we would stop and enjoy. I don't know that this happens anymore, people seem to be in to much of a hurry.

Well, here is my personal reminder to slow down and go and see lights shining bright. They are still out there. We may need to just remember how it felt to be still and calm.

So, this weekend I will be going out and enjoying the lights. Enjoying the crunching of snow and seeing the lights shine bright.

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