Friday, December 10, 2010

Pre Baking is so much fun!

Tomorrow is our 8th Annual Baking Party when we gather our friends and family and for a full day we bake. We have 17-20 different recipes that all the little elves make and decorate. At the end of the day every takes a selection of treats home with them as well as box and bag up many for others that are unable to come or that are in need. It is a wonderful time,

Everyone asks "How do you organize all of this seventeen recipes and 20-30 people and it all gets done and ready at the same time?" Easy! You plan it out, from the bowls to the sugar to the spices!

Today is the end of the planning. I start planning the week after Christmas when things start going on sale that will not spoil. I have an excel file that has every ingredient and amount so I know exactly what I need and hiw much I need. I evaluate the process and recipes after the par to see if I want to make them again or try something else.

The last thing to get ready for tomorrow is to perhaps the sugar cutout cookies! I do this as it takes a lot of space and time so pre baking is a must. It isn't the actual baking, but the aroma of Christmas cut-out cookies that will fill the house. It is the outcome of a planned event!

So now that you have read my blog every day this year, you know that this story isn't just about us baking, it's about life.

In order for life to have that rich aroma you have to plan, evaluate, take things in and get rid of things. You have to pre bake to get some things done before you get to the end. It takes friends and family to make this all possible, and you share and give as much as you receive.

Maybe this is why I love to bake. It is so much of my life and like my life.

There is a recipe for baking and a recipe for life. You can change an ingredient or two and
the outcome will be different. But if you plan, evaluated, change a few things, and try you end up with the aroma of your life.

So today if you can't bake a cookie, bake. Day in your life. What would your life's baking party look like?

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