Friday, December 24, 2010

If you think you have had a tough day...

Think about the story of tonight that happened so many years ago. It is the Christmas story.

Now we all know the basics of Mary, Joseph, the Kings, Angels, Shepard's, the Inn, and of course the manger scene, but did you ever think about what really happened?

Next time you think you are having a tough day think about the faith and belief Mary and Joseph must have had.

First Mary is told she is "with Child", and not just any child, God's Child. No pressure there! Then she has to figure out how to tell her Fiancé Joseph that "hey I know you aren't the father or anything, but I am pregnant!" I bet that went over well.

Joseph could have had her stoned to death. Sleeping with others was a real no no back then. So Joseph gets the Angel talking to him and says "don't worry Joseph, Mary is carrying Gods Son, so no worries!" No pressure there.

So Mary and Joseph are good to go and just as they are getting the babies room ready the Government gets involved in these poor peoples lives and says "hey all you citizens, head to your home town so we can count you!"

Seriously a bad day had to just feel like it got worse for them. But on they go. A very pregnant Mary walking and riding a donkey 90 miles home to Bethlehem. Now I have never been pregnant,but riding a donkey 90 miles doesn't sound fun even without child!

So they get there and poor old Joseph is looking for some place for Mary who is now in labor. Gracious, let's head to the stable Mary!

After they have the baby Jesus in the stable they are visited by Shepard's and Kings. What must have they been thinking when Kings are giving them gifts!

So the story goes they finally get a room in the House of David when all of a sudden Joseph is again visited by an Angel who tells him to wake up Mary, pack up the kid, get one donkey right now in the middle of the night and flee to Egypt!

So, now after a 90 mile donkey ride, you give birth in a stable surrounded by sheep, cows, and other fine smelling barn animals, you just get to sleep and all of a sudden you are waking up, packing up the family and heading to Egypt!

So you think you had a tough day? Really!

Now what is the morale to the Christmas Story? Faith and believing? Faith in what you cannot see or understand, and believing that all that happens is for a reason. Yes, this is the real meaning of Christmas.

Maybe today was a tough day or maybe there is one to come. Next time you feel like it is a tough day ask yourself  "Am I pregnant and on the back of a mule? Do I have to find a place for my wife to give birth? Do I have to flee to another county so my Son will not be killed?

After you have asked yourself these questions, remember -- faith and believing! It can get you through anything!

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