Friday, December 31, 2010

Are you thinking about your 2011 Resolutions?

Full circle in the blog writing. I started off last year around this time talking about New Year's Resolutions and throughout the year I have reviewed mine and seen which ones I accomplished and which ones I need a little more determination to actually pull off.

This year I don't know that I will have broad resolutions. It seems like when I have broad things to do I don't muster the dedication to actually do them! Maybe it is because the resolutions are to broad rather than specific? Maybe that is the problem. For some reason I feel confused thinking about what happen last year and how to make the next year even more specific?

As I type this I hear in the background the news talking about being specific in your resolutions. Losing weight is not specific it is broad. Hum...very true. Losing weight is not specific at all so maybe that is why I find it hard to be dedicated or motivated to do anything about it. I want to travel more. Hum...not very specific at all! I want to give more. Hum..not very specific at all either.

Making resolutions is dedicating your future to yourself! Making your future better for you and those around you is the outcome you want. To many times we just talk about it. Maybe 2011 needs to be the year of action! Plan specific goals and go for them!

Resolution: I want to travel more - Overall resolutions are great, but let's be specific!

Specific Goals:
I want to go Ice Fishing on Lake of the Woods in January 2011
I want to go to the Grand Canyon in May 2011
I want to take a Harley trip with my folks to Glazier National Park in July 2011
I want to go on a 7+ day cruise to the Caribbean in November 2011

How about some more examples. Maybe you want to be debt free?

Your Resolution: I want to be debt free by 2012 and have money to travel - Overall Resolution is doable, but what are the specifics!

Specific Goals:
Pay off all 'toys' by April 2011
Set up direct deposit to savings bi-weekly of $100
Pay off credit cards by December 2011

Maybe you want to lose weight?

Your Resolution: I want to lose weight - Okay, but how?

Specific Goals:
I will lose 10 pounds by March 1, 2011
I will go to the gym 4 times a week for the next 2 months
I will work on my cardio for 45 minutes a day while at the gym
I will find 10 healthy and easy recipes on line by January 15th

Now that is specific and very doable!

So, as you go into the New Year tonight and start thinking about resolutions think about the goals you will need to make into actionable items. What would it really take to do what you resolve to do? Be specific,be able to measure it, make it doable, be realistic and when will you do it? SMART goals mean success!

Go forth and resolve and write down those goals! Make sure you are realistic and honest with yourself! Resolve to be specific!

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