Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Giving to Others

I have been reminded a number of times this past week of how important it is for me to give to others and how wonderful it is when others are reminded of this as well.

I know that it is the season to give and the causes are out there to give too. I wrote a block a week or so about these opportunities, but do you know that every day we are reminded about little ways to give?

We had our neighbor want to give us a pan of baked goodies (we were going to give her the same) and we decided rather than giving to each other we would give to someone different that maybe won't 'get' anything.

At work today I was reminded that giving isn't just of material gifts but your thoughts, views, and ideas. You have a gift in being uniquely you and sharing your action and voice can be incredible gifts. It was a gift for me today to hear the views of others. I heard people talk about how they inspire others and how they make a difference. That in turn made me think about how I can inspire others and make a difference every day.

It was like a huge pay it forward day. I heard and was impacted and spoke and got others inspired. Hopefully they went on and did the same. One small gathering of idea giving lead to a days worth of giving of myself in a number of ways.

Yes, it is easy to give to charities and it is good to do so, but every day giving of yourself in action and words can have an amazing impact! Go forth and be giving!

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