Sunday, December 12, 2010

It was a quiet Baking Party!

Well, all the pre baking was done on Friday and by 11pm the snow started flying. By 6am the snow was 6 inches deep so we cancelled people coming over to help out. Safety First is my motto! By 3pm the snow was drifted 3 to 4 feet so the snow blower had to come out to play. It was a different baking party, but one to remember.

We still baked all the recipes and filled boxes for everyone that usually comes to help and we will deliver next weekend, but the house was really quiet!

So why tell you all this? Well, as I thought about what to write this morning I thought the baking party and all that happened this weekend is a lot like life! You have unexpected events that happen and it isn't the event that matters as much as how you react to the event that really matters.

We could have cancelled and did nothing. We could have cancelled and been upset that no one showed up or we could have baked!

I choose to bake so that we could still share the treats of the season with others. You see it isn't the event or the getting people over that mattered to me. It was preparing special treats that we can give to others to enjoy. No strings attached, no work needed, no payment received...just a simple box of cookies for others.

Every event and every day you have a choice to be positive or negative, to give or complain, to move forward or look behind. We had a choice yesterday and the choice was to give to others!

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  1. In a way, the snowstorm was "The Grinch that stole the Baking Party", but that little Cindy Lou Who (A.K.A. Janice) and everyone else in Whoville, decided that was not going to stop the Baking Party - so just like Christmas, it still happens:)