Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Your Personal Pothole Crew

As I look at the potholes I personally keep hitting they seem overwhelming. Work is crazy right now and home life is a bit nuts as well. My ‘control freak’ comes out and says “you must control your surroundings”, but in reality I find I have to have help from others in order to repave.

When they start patching or repaving the roads around here you never see one person driving the truck, getting out, putting tar in the hole, jumping on the big roller thing, than back in the truck and move forward and start again. No you see a crew. People who work together as a team for a common purpose.

This is the analogy I see for life as well. I don’t have to fill or repave by myself. I have friends, family, and experts around every corner that can help and assist and that want to help and assist. I may be driving the truck, but I know who my crew member is that helps with my taxes. I know the person who can fill the potholes, I know the person who can hold the ‘slow down’ sign so no one gets hurt, and I know people who can help drive the big roller truck over and repave those potholes.

What we need to do is develop support systems. People who you trust and can work with you to provide you a better tomorrow. I have to remember that as my life and work are crazy. There are people out there willing, able and ready to help if I just ask.

Do you have a support system?

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