Monday, February 22, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Anna Poopsie

Today is a sad day. After nearly 11 years with my Cat - Anna Poopsie Banana, she could no longer fight the Feline HIV, Leukemia and Diabetes she has been living with. At 4:45pm she went to live in Kitty Heaven.

I want to give you insight into this wonderful little furball. First, names she responded too--Anna Poopsie Banana, Anna Banana, Helga (my Dad's name for her), Furball, Little White cheeks, the Hipster (always slept on your hip), Fluffy Tail, and Anna Gertrude. For those of you that spend a night at our home, you most likely had Anna sleeping on your hip all night and bouncing on you around 5am when she got hungry.

I rescued Anna nearly 11 years ago from the Humane Society in Two Harbors, MN where there was a simple add in the paper that said "This cat will be euthanized unless adopted". Well, that can't happen under my watch, so Anna Poopsie became part of my household.

She has lived in Two Harbors, Ely, and Brooklyn Park Minnesota and enjoyed watching and chatting at the birds, eating as much food as she could get a hold of, and sleeping on your hip when you laid down.

With Anna's FIV and Leukemia she wasn't able to be around other cats as she could transmit both to them so every house she has lived in has had a custom door, window or other disabled kitty setting. She was a cuddle bug and could purr with the best of them.

The last 3 months she has been losing a lot of weight and that is when the diabetes set in. She has been on insulin and special food, but her health got the best of her.

So even though every vet that she has ever had - except our current Vet Dr. Tracey - has given her only 2 weeks to live, she lived to a wonderful age of around 11 or 12. She was a wonderful companion and character and she will be missed.

So, raise a glass to celebrate the life of a wonderful Kitty! Here's to Anna Poopsie Banana!

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