Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things I learned from my Anna Poopsie

It was a hard night to sleep last night. After 11 years of a routine of feeding, petting, cleaning a litter box, and petting some more I had dreams of her. This morning I went downstairs to take my morning shower and for the first time in 11 years she wasn't howling at the door wanting food.

As I was getting ready for work, I thought how much I have learned from my little kitty and wanted to share that with you all today.

1. Stand up to the Big Dogs - When a Big Dog is chasing you, stop, turn around and whack him in on the nose. Stand up for yourself!
2. Take every advantage to eat ice cream - At all cost take a lick of someone's ice cream. Enjoy it and let them know next time they need to bring some for you as well.
3. Eat like it's your last meal - Enjoy and be thankful for what you have. Every day.
4. Find people who like you and than sit next to them, on top of them, in their laps, or on their hips. Let them know how much you love being with them.
5. Get your purr motor running - It warms the heart when you are so content that you purr.
6. Get your yearly check ups - Even if you don't like the human vet, go and get your shots and checked out. It will add years to your life!
7. Be Childlike - When someone gives you a little catnip, indulge and be childlike. Run around like you are 5 again and enjoy every bit of the feeling.
8. Take care of your appearance - Clean yourself and be clean.
9. Take Naps - Find that comfortable area and position and sleep. It's okay to take a nap and refresh yourself.
10. Love unconditionally - look into someone's eyes and say "I love you" by purring, sitting, cuddling, or kneading. It does your heart good and gives so much to others as well.

These are things I have learned from my Anna Poopsie.

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