Friday, January 22, 2010


NO, Not "What Would Janice Do!"

We have all seen these letters, WWJD, in fact about 15-20 years ago there was a trend to wear a rubber band around your wrist with those exact letters on them. But what did it mean to wear one? For me it was a reminder that helped me think about the actions, words, and deeds I did on a daily basis. A reminder to live the values of being “Christ Like”.

After this came out it seem like every place and purpose had a band and kids were seen with 5, 10, 20 of them all around their wrists. It became a collection fad, more than a meaningful and purposeful statement. Then came “Live Strong”. Lance Armstrong’s push to inform men to get the checkups they need to be health and live a long life. I started seeing men at work, on the street, at the bus stop, everywhere wearing a bright yellow rubber band as their statement of dedication towards healthy living.

Women started wearing pink ones for support of breast cancer checkups, and soon the trend became less of a fashion statement and more now of purposeful statements. Did you ever have one of these? What did they say? What did they mean for you? Was it in line with your values?

I have kept three of these since I first started to see these. They are: WWJD, GIVE, and Work for Equality. I would like to spend this post on describing what each of these mean to me and how they show my values.

WWJD – What would Jesus Do. I have this one because of my belief system. I do believe not only in a Higher Power, but also in the idea that I must live my life in a way that is pleasing to my God. When I look at my belief system I want to see a story of living “Christ Like” and every day I want to be reminded that this is a true direction for me. This band helps remind me that when life throws me lemons I will make lemonade, and when life isn’t fair, I will fight for equality, and when those around me suffer I will answer the call and help. I want to be someone who models my actions, thoughts, and deeds from a spiritual power.

The second band I received a few years ago after hurricane Katrina hit. It was from the American Red Cross and simply said “GIVE”. What a powerful statement. One word that can take on such a profound meaning. GIVE. Give blood, money, energy, time – whatever you can the idea is simple – GIVE. It is one of my values and I hold it close to me. The challenge I put on myself is to not wait for a big disaster to GIVE, rather find ways each day to give of myself, my talents, resources, abilities, time, and energy to something worthwhile. GIVE.

The third band I have had says “Work for Equality”. Equality – a statement alone, but than add the word WORK in front of it and it takes on a whole new meaning. Work for Equality. It doesn’t say hope for or pray for or wait for, it says WORK FOR.
What this means to me is that I must be constantly aware that equality is not a given for many people. It is usually the reason so many darn laws are made in this country. IF equality was a given we wouldn’t have to worry about equal pay for equal work, or voting rights, or rights to choose, or rights to get married, or civil rights. All of those would be standard, but that isn’t the case. We must WORK for equality.

So these are my bands. These are the bands that prove me with a direction as well as tell others who I am. Remember that elevator speak on your values; “If you had 20 seconds to tell me your story in an elevator, what would you say?”

Here are the next questions: “If you could wear only 3 rubber bands on your wrist, what would they say and why?” What would people say your values were by wearing these three bands? Does that statement match who you really are?


  1. My 3 bands: Well, I've never really thought about it, but now that I am, here they are.

    Green Band: I truly believe that I reap what I sow. I have never, ever heard or seen someone plant corn and get tomatoes. If I plant a pea seed, I expect peas, and would be shocked it the seeds came up (or down) as carrots. If I am an unhappy, unpleasant person, then I should not be surprised when these things bloom in my life.

    Red Band: I value fun and laughter. I want to spend more time enjoying life rather than being afraid of it. I long to spend more time coloring a picture than cleaning the house, or cross-country skiing than watching tv.

    Multicolored Band: Like Janice, I think giving back is vital to my health. I was thinking about this yesterday when I realized that my type of giving isn't flashy or even noticeable, but if I didn't give it, that small part of the world suffers.

    This was a fun exercise. I hope more people participate. Kathy

  2. About a week ago I was putting on my two usual rings and noticed a ring I haven't worn for quite some time now. I have it on now because the blog for today reminded me of the ring I saw last week. My ring is sliver with the letters on it: WWJD!!!