Saturday, January 16, 2010

Be giddy!

I am finally getting around to today's post. I spent the day driving north to see my folks. Actually to go fishing, but seeing the folks is a must when I heard this way. We are ALL going fishing this weekend to the Lake of the Woods un even farther north about 100 miles or so. I can’t wait! I haven't been all winter with the rain and snow in the Twin Cities, but the farther north you go the better the ice and thus the better the fishing.

That isn't what today’s post is about though. Today I was giddy. Yep, all and all giddy. I think everyone should spend time alone from time to time and just giddy.
I had 5 hours in the car driving up here and the whole way I was listening to some of my favorite old songs and singing to heart’s content. No one around to tell me I was off key or playing it to loud. Lots of people passed me (I drive slow) and I could see them look and then crack a little smile. You know those people, I know I am sometimes that person wondering what the heck they are doing, but then I see them smiling and singing and I get giddy for them.

I forget sometimes to stop thinking and talking and just enjoy. Play those Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers songs. Sing along with Brittney Spears. Pretend you know the words to all those old hits. It lifts the soul and makes you giddy!

One thing I love from the Jay Leno Show is when he does the "earn your plug" and one of the questions is "What would we be surprised to know about what you have on your ipod?" I love it! Of course these are all celebrities on this show but you hear a little about what makes them giddy!

What makes you giddy? Take a chance and be giddy tonight! Listen to music, play a game, watch your favorite movie or watch mine (Grumpy Old Men). Be giddy folks!

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