Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is it worth all the work?

Oh the excitement! Ice Fishing for the first time this season. I brought my ice fishing bin with and auger, ready to go. Dad and I were going to go out this morning to a local lake to catch a few crappies before the Vikings game. I went out in to the garage, got the auger going and grabbed the ice sled from the shop that Dad has has for years and never used. Got that set up and ready, ice auger running and got ready to put the auger motor to the actual blade shaft, and NO bolt to hold the two together. Ah, that's right I took it out and put it on the other blade shaft when we planted some lilac's last spring.

Here is the conversation my line is first, Dad's response:

"DAD", "What Now"
"I need a bolt for the auger", "What size"
"I don't know one that fits", "No shit Sherlock, probably a 5/16th--does it fit?"
"yep, perfect", "anything else"
"I don't think so, but I better put the poles together--CRAP", "Now what"
"I have all the reels but I don't have any poles with", "you dumb shit, where are they"
"Right where I left them", "No shit Sherlock",
"Where can I get poles", "Nothing open on Sunday, we will have to go to Bemidji"
"What time do you think L and M opens", "When they unlock the doors?"
"No shit Sherlock"..Dad gives me his little grin. "I need to go to L and M anyway, let's go"

So, off we go to get poles and jigs and wheels for the log splitter (Dad needed those).

Two and a half hours later we are on our way back, listening to the Vikings on the radio and talking about the weather, crops, Brett Favre, gas mileage, and how to catch walleye with a jig rather than a slip bobber. Awesome 2 and a half hour of hanging with Dad!

Get back, poles are done, truck is loaded with houses and all the supplies, 5:30am we leave and hopefully catch our limit by noon! As Dad said "all of this monkey business we better catch some fish". I pray for a lot of fish on Dad's line tomorrow!

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