Thursday, January 21, 2010

Choose your Friends Wisely

Okay folks, back to work on the values now.

I know that you have all done the hard work of determining your values, right? If not, go back to start and do them.

For those of you who are ready to test your values, here are a few “Janiceism’s” to help you confirm that your values are true, honest, and really who you are.

Janiceism 1: Choose your friends wisely as they are an extension of who you really are.

That’s right. What do they tell you about yourself? Are they health to be around? Would your folks say “whoa you really have great friends”, do they do things that you are embarrassed about? Who are your friends?

Janiceism 2: If you want to know who you really are do not look yourself in the mirror, rather look at the friends you keep.

It’s true! A mirror will only show you your outside character and usually you will only see the person you want to see. Now put each of your friends in that same mirror. Now what do you see? That is the real you.

As you look at purposeful living and how that relates to your personal values, you must choose your friends wisely.

One way to see if your values really are true for you is to first ask your friends for brutal honesty. If they are true friends they can provide just that, brutal honesty. Ask them to describe you in three words. Get this from 3, 4, 6 people you consider friends.

Next, ask some of your family members! Yep, may not be who you want to ask about yourself as many of us swear to never be “like them”, but ask them. What do they say, again 3 or 4 words that describe you.

Finally, ask one or two people that you either don’t think like you or you know you just don’t get along well with. Why them? Well how you treat them is an extension of who you are, so ask them. These folks don’t have to be your hated enemies or anything, just people that you may not consider a friend but have some interaction with.

Once you are done with this exercise you should have 8 opinions of who you are. Do those opinions match what your values are? Do you need to change your actions to really live your values? What do others say, think and believe you are?

Janiceism 3: Those you call your friends may very well be the worst part of you. Choose your friends wisely.

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