Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Turning Something into Something Better!

No, not another recipe or meal. This time it is about the blog.

I started fulfilling a dream today that I would turn my blog into a book called "365 Days of Positive and Purposeful Living". Makes sense :o) Actually it will be a daily reading/devotional type of book that will have a number of activities strategically placed along the way. People who read and work through the book will be able to take the words and make action plans.

I am excited and yet nervous as after reading all my blog posts again, it is clear I will need to write more 'self help' type of posts. A large number of my posts were stories and insights, not really daily reading deals.

This excites me as I am really liking the idea of writing my thoughts down. Nervous because I am not sure what more I can find to write about, but then I never thought I could write 330 posts to date. So, I will keep writing and working.

It is good to take a dream and turn it into action. I like that and I will continue to do just that!

Here is to making one of your dreams come least start!

1 comment:

  1. Just let me know what I can do to help support your dream. Everyone needs support and I am here to help.

    I wish you the best and cannot wait to see the result! :O)