Sunday, March 6, 2011

March Madness!

I know "what in the world does Positive and Purposeful Living have to do with March Madness", but hear me out!

We all know about March Madness, it is the last push for many sporting teams to make it to their ultimate goal - a championship! They work harder, they set their sites on only one thing - winning, they play as a team, they get the needed sleep to perform at a high level, they listen to their coach, they go out every day knowing that if they are the best they can be they will come out on top!

Okay, now ask the question I started with! "What in the world does Positive and Purposeful Living have to do with March Madness?" I think the answer is clear!

March is the end of the winter months where we have reflected and planned for what is to come. What we want to achieve. March is the beginning of spring and when we begin to put our plan into action! Just like the sports team!

We start working harder, we set our sites on our personal goals, we surround ourselves with positive people, we sleep better, we listen to our life coaches or those with influence around us, and we go out every day knowing that if we are the best we can be today we will achieve our goals!

Yes, it is March Madness time. Time to figure out what your ultimate goal is for this spring and summer! Working out, eating right, healthy living, quiting smoking, adopting a child, expanding your business, traveling, caring for a loved one, gaining patience, loving deeper, motivating others...the list of goals is yours to make!

You have thought about it and you have planned for it - It's March Madness time folks! Time to execute on your plan!

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