Thursday, March 10, 2011

Old Friends, New Support

It occurred to me, after the comment from Suzan on yesterday's post, that I haven't done a great job at asking for support from my readers. In fact I have been a little scattered in my writings - jumping from one topic to the next and back again in a week. It is how my mind works, but it isn't how others learn best.

Most of us like a plan. Well laid out and something to follow. My blog has been about events that have happened and not in any particular order or with much collective meaning. There are days I really reach someone and you are great at letting me know but after 330+ posts I have only around 30 comments.

This got me thinking this morning that I need to make sure the book has a flow, has a meaning, and follows a plan. Here is where I need your support.

If you have been a daily or weekly reader I need to hear how everything comes together for you. When you read a post that makes sense or hits a part of your soul, what was it about the post?

I can write the book how I think it should flow OR I can use my old friends in a new support way.

Feel free to send me an email on your thoughts:

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