Saturday, March 12, 2011

5 Minutes to Prepare

I have a hard time comprehending the devastation in Japan from the events the past few days. Towns washed away, people missing, continuous shaking, and no basic supplies. Hard to imagine how people can ever survive such an ordeal but many did.

As I listened to the news last night one reporter said that the hardest hit town had a 5 minute warning before the water rushed in. Five minutes to move to higher ground and get out of the way. Five minutes to determine what was most important and literally run.

It put life in perspective a bit. The rest of the world had hours to prepare for the smaller water waves to hit and still boats were washed out to sea and a person even lost his life. All day to prepare and still loss of life and property.

I think many of us take for granted that we are okay and will be okay. We would rather go down to the water and see the water, rather than prepare for the water.

It is like life. Most of us would rather see what happens rather than plan for what is going to happen. We wait around all day to see if things get worse or better rather than spending 5 minutes to assess and move.

Five minutes of warning. Five minutes that will change the life of millions. Five minutes that has changed the world. I dare say that maybe each of us should take 5 minutes today to prepare and plan. Be it a to-do list or a living will, 5 minutes to prepare. It could literally change your future!

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