Sunday, February 27, 2011

When it snows --- go skiing!

I was having a terrible day yesterday. Not that anything terrible happened, but it snowed again. This winter has really been filled with snow, snow and more snow.

Usually I wouldn't complain as the lakes are so low that all the snow will really help them out. I also usually don't complain as I love winter! It is clean, fresh and different.

Yesterday I found myself done with it! Yes, done with winter and done with snow! I am ready to move on to spring - the growing season!

It then hit me! In my Life Coaching I use the four seasons to represent the stages of growing. Winter is the time of reviewing and assessing as you prepare for spring growth and opportunities. Like the snow this season I have had a long reviewing and assessing time in my life. New challenges, new bosses, being laid off, decisions to end the Coffee Matters part of my business, creating a new budget, new friends, family members having major health issues...the list of events goes on and on!

Yesterdays snow took the cake and although I am heading north today to do one of my favorite things of Ice Fishing, I still was just terribly moody. I finally put on my coaching hat this morning and said "when it snows --go skiing!"

You see sometimes you may be ready to move on, but there may be another plan from a higher power that says SLOW DOWN and SKI! Or fish, or rest, or relax.

As much as we think we are in control of our lives we have to remember that there is a higher power that has a say in it as well.

So, today as the white surrounds me and I drive 5 hours I am going to pray for patience, pray for understanding, and pray that I go skiing!

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