Sunday, February 13, 2011

So what's next?

Sorry to keep a few of you hanging on describing the "Plan" after my last post and thanks to all that wrote me a special email or message telling me how wonderful my plan is and how much they believe in me. I guess the old saying is true that you are always harder on yourself than anyone else could ever be!

So, here is my plan. Like I said early failure is an option and in failure comes great insight. For me the failing Coffee Matters Store has given me so much insight I am seriously more excited now in life then I have ever been!

I have found my passion and that is motivating others. My problem was that I wasn't sure of the venue in which to do this. I love speaking in front of others and love workshops and conferences. There is something about 100 people writing down what you are saying and laughing at your corny stories that makes me feel good.

My other loves are outdoors and fishing. I feel the most alive when I am outside. Not in a building or in an office or in a car, but outside.

So the question from all of this was and is: How does one motivate others while being outside? Well, there in lies my next vision! Have a show on TV that reaches large numbers of people where I fish or camp or do something outside while sharing motivational insights and stories!

They fishing and outdoor shows on TV now are all men with the exception of 2 women who own a deep sea fishing boat down in Texas. What I would like to do is take people out fishing and share my love of the outdoors while providing insightful and practical stories and ideas around living positive and purposeful lives!

Here are my 2011 Goals:
  • Create You Tube Videos of me giving practical fishing advise.
  • Take out as many people I can this spring and summer to fish and 'chat' on the boat or shore.
  • Write my two books from my dissertation and blog posts
  • Develop an approach that incorporates positive and purposeful living with outdoor activities. The activities are a way of being in a place to reflect on positive and purposeful living.
What do you think? Need more planning, but at least I won't have to look at big blue bins in the garage anymore!

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