Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Numbers Freak!

I am a numbers freak. It's true! I love numbers, math, calculations, ROI's, percentages...anything that has to do with numbers I get excited about. I don't know why really. Maybe because you can show so much of life through numbers. How many fish did you catch? How much weight have you lost? How many miles did you run? What time do you go to work? How much money did we spend? How big is my tax refund? The questions around numbers is amazing and you rarely get a clear picture of the magnitude of the outcome without numbers!

If I said (or someone else says)--I have caught some fish and lost a few pounds and ran for awhile, and work in the morning, and spent less than I made and will get a nice tax refund you really get no perspective to the magnitude of the effort! In fact you short change your efforts by being vague.

If you want to really move towards excitement and exciting others you need to use numbers! Seriously! How many of us would be okay with our accountant saying "You will get some back on taxes"! What is your next question? Right - How much is some? You want specifics!

I have always wondered about this blog and if I am making any sort of an impact on others. Yes I hear from time to time from a few readers, but I didn't understand the magnitude (or if there is one) of my effort! It left me questioning the value of my effort and if I should continue.

How many of us do this to ourselves? How many times do we underestimate or even forget to estimate the value of our effort through numbers! It doesn't matter what you do or who you are numbers can help motivate you! This is why I am such a numbers freak!

So, in honor of my effort with this blog I want to share with you some of the statistics of this blog. Maybe it will be a reminder to all of us that we need to see numbers sometimes to understand the impact. Here you go.

365 Days of Positive and Purposeful Living has:
  1. Been viewed 5,377 times in the past year! That is over 15 times a day someone is checking this blog out.
  2. Been viewed at least 20 times by people in the following 10 countries: USA (4,598), Canada (118), Russia (102), United Kingdom (56), Denmark (42), India (37), Netherlands (36), South Korea (25), Australia (24), and Italy (20)! Again at least 20 times and that does NOT include me posting from a few of these countries! I have had 102 views from Russia! Seriously, I do not know anyone in Russia so this is amazing to me! Overall, this blog has been opened and read in over 37 countries! This is seriously amazing to me!
  3. 72% of the people who have read a post use Microsoft Windows!
  4. 2% of all posts were read on an ipad last year and this month that is up to 7% . Great to know!
  5. Finally, the post that received the most traffic were: Taming your Gremlins (2/9/2010), Minor Adjustments! (1/25/2011), Personal Expectations (4/8/2010), What happened to all the Exhibits (8/31/2010), and The Great White Bear Tour - Journal (11/28/2010)
 So, now I know the numbers and now that I know them I think I have a better idea as to the future of this blog! Correct? Numbers will help me plan my future posts, ideas, systems, and comments.
Ah yes, it is good to be a numbers freak!

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