Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In honor of Groundhog Day

There are a lot of things we can predict and some things I we can't. A groundhog seeing it's shadow or not really is a tough prediction for me to understand, but I like the point of an early spring.

So, in honor of the Groundhog, here are my predictions!

I predict that:
...I will have a better tomorrow then today.
...I will be more effective if I pay attention to those around me.
...I will be happy if I understand what makes me happy.
...I will live with purpose if I live with passion.
...I can do all of this as long I have a positive attitude!

There, my predictions! You see I don't need a groundhog, a horoscope, or the stars to predict my future...I get to determine my next step, my next day, my next thought. So, I predict I will continue to find the good around me and in me and make the best of everything I have.

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