Saturday, February 26, 2011

Creating the Life you Dream!

I have to say that I sleep very well at night. I fall asleep quickly and don't wake up much for anything. The interesting thing about the time I spend in bed is that my dreams are so vivid and real it seems like reality! It got me thinking this morning that maybe my dreams ARE my reality or SHOULD be my reality!

I dream about how to fix things, what solutions will work, what our next home will look like, who my friends will be when I grow old and even the types of dogs I will have. It really is crazy in my head, but it all works so well.

I go to bed with an issue or a thought and 7 or 8 hours later I wake up with the solution! Now, this doesn't happen for many but that doesn't mean it can't! I get that maybe some of the nighttime dreams you really never want to come to life, but maybe there are a few that you do want to make your reality.

I seriously don't think I come up with the solutions at night, rather it confirms my plan. You see you have to work to create the life you dream about! It doesn't happen overnight. If it did I would be dreaming of winning the Lottery every night! No, creating the life you dream is about really thinking about what you want in life and making a plan on how to get there!

Most people want to try and do this themselves - others may think they are weird, others won't like it, others won't agree. Hearing one of those zingers usually stops most of us in our tracks and we put that dream in the back of our minds. We stew about it but are scared to every talk about them again.

Here's the deal...who cares what others say or think! Your dreams should be your reality! Your dreams are the best part of who you are as it gives you hope, faith, and belief in yourself! Dreams are your reality!

If you want something the only way you will get it is if you go after it! You will not be rich if you never work, you will not have deep and lasting friendships if you are unwilling to be a friend, you will not find love if you do not love yourself! Your dream is your reality ONLY if you are willing to play the leading role!

As we come to the end of February and move into spring it is time to clean house and mind and begin to create! You plant flowers and gardens why not ideas and dreams!

Creating the life you dream isn't easy but it can be done! What is your dream? What is your reality?

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