Sunday, April 10, 2011

Time Stands Still!

Have you ever gotten so much into a groove that time seems to stand still? For me time has stood still for 6 weeks now!

Don't get me wrong - time standing still has been an amazing adventure, but it seems like yesterday it was mid February after being laid off. Between that time and now I have been amazed at how much I have gotten done - ceiling in a laundry room, new job, loving the job, motorcycle ride, garage cleaning, closet cleaning, outside trash cleaning, donated a ton of new sweatshirts, and even had time for family and friends. Time has just stood still and allowed me to do so much.

I guess we all go through the stage of time being on our side or not, but when you can be 'in the zone' for six weeks it is pretty incredible. I asked myself tonight why? Why have my stars been so aligned and so 'in the zone' lately?

Well, let's explore. Six weeks ago when I had no job I sat down with a stranger who became an instant friend. She said one line "Congratulations, now you can have the life you want instead of the life you have!" Whoa. I thought she was just being an excellent life coach, but after 6 weeks of learning and growing more into myself I understand how those words are so true. You see we all have a life - good, bad or in between we all have a life. But do you have the Life that you want? Do you know the life you want?

It comes down to you and you alone! When I had no job, no prospect of a job I thought I was crazy to not feel crazy. And then I remembered, a job is only one piece of my life and although I wanted a job it wasn't the only thing I wanted for my life. I want friends, deep relationships, financial security, time to play, energy to explore, an open mind, a learning environment in which I can become more; in short I want a life I am proud to call my own.

It didn't happen overnight but I had a conviction like never before and I knew if I would stop and visualize the life I wanted I could accomplish just that. I have been 'in the zone' for 6 weeks and it isn't going away...nor do I want it to go away. It is a high like none other when every day you wake up and you know you have the best life possible and time stands still again!

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