Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sun, Rain, Snow, Sleet

Part of our happiness and positive living seems to revolve a lot around weather. Maybe that is why I love to watch the weather station. There is something exciting about finding out what is going to happen tomorrow or the next day and with some accuracy. Now I know most of us think that the weather person is suppose to be always right, but I am glad they aren't! Where is the fun in always being that prepared!

Okay, back to the weather. So this weekend the weather report was sunny and 70 degrees with light winds. Yesterday and today came and sure enough the weather was sunny and 70 degrees. I got up in the morning knowing I didn't need to wear a sweater and that I could ride the motorcycle to the dealer without getting wet! Pretty good prediction and I was able to plan.

Now the weather is suppose to change so I now have time to plan what I will or will not do for the next 5 days. I will need a coat and maybe a sweater. I won't be riding nor will I be cleaning up the lawn. Whoa! I get to see 5 days out and know so much.

As I am watching the weather I start to think how wonderful it would be if we could predict our lives out 3-5 days? What if we knew exactly how we would act, react and feel? What if we could forecast our positive and purposeful living?

Well folks we can and maybe with the same accuracy as the weather guru on T.V.! It is all about planning and looking at the pieces that impact the outcome. Let me give you an example.

Let's say we look at the pieces for my next few days:
1. I know I will be working out with the personal trainer tomorrow
2. I know I need to go grocery shopping this week
3. I know I have a few calls out to friends in search of a Financial Planner
4. I know the ice is not out so I won't be fishing and
5. I know the Harley is in the shop so I won't be riding.

Okay, so this is everything I know right now.

I know that I will have a positive impact on my health by continuing with my personal trainer
I know I will feel better about my health by working out
I know that I am getting closer to financial freedom by getting a financial planner
I know I can fish by next week
I know I will get the Harley back end of this week
I know I have money to go grocery shopping

What would my prediction be for the next three or four days?
I predict I will be sore from working out but will be better off because I went
I predict that with my action towards financial freedom I will be debt free and able to look at the future retirement plans soon
I predict that the ice will eventually be gone and I will go fishing
I predict that my friends will get back to me and I will be spending time with one or more of them by the weekend!

To many times we just wait and see what happens! I am here to say "BE THE WEATHER"! Write down what you know is happening, what you know will most likely be your action or reaction and then predict what the outcomes will be! If you never plan or predict you can never know. Here's to positive and purposeful planning and predicting!

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