Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Passing of a Companion

It has been a weird kind of month so far. We celebrated Mother's Day with all the flowers and glory it deserves. Some of us celebrated Cinco de Mayo with all the beer and Mexican food you could eat. Some of us celebrated birthdays with cake and friends. Some of us said goodbye to loyal companions.

I did all of the above.  I could chat about the celebrating side of the past few days, but I wanted to share a top ten lessons learned from my good old Brandy.

Brandy and I have been companions for around 8 years now, but I have known her since she was about 4 months old. She was my folks dog and they gave her to me 8 years ago.  I had to put my little 14 year old puppy down as she was suffering from a bad case of arthritis and it got to a point when she looked at me I knew. It was a very difficult day and it has been a difficult week just wondering what to say about it. Tonight I think I know.

Lessons Learned from my Brandy

1. You can grow very close to someone or something very quickly if you trust them and allow them to trust you.
2. It is always appropriate to have a little bite to your bark as it lets others know you are someone that deserves a little respect.
3. Never be afraid to play in the yard even when you think no one is watching.
4. Also take the opportunity to enjoy a nice walk in the park.
5. It is okay to ask for a little comfort by laying your head on their lap.
6. You can live peacefully with other breeds and types. Don't let fear get in the way of living in peace.
7. Having a treat a day keeps your tail wagging.
8. The grass is cool under a tree on a hot summer day.
9. Play in the snow like you have never seen it before.
10. Know that unconditional love goes both ways.

I lost a true companion and friend last week, but the lessons I learned from her will stay with me forever.
Here is to all of us who have had this experience and are now remembering the lessons that have made us who we are today.

Brandy will be waiting at The Rainbow Bridge

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